Nutty and Chocolatey

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Organic Winter Blend

Organic Winter Blend. This wonderfull, curl up to the fireplace blend was created with you, the elements of winter in the high Mountains, and a harsh day on the slopes in mind. This nutty chocolate aroma with flavor notes of dark chocolate, bing cherry, vanilla, and hints of creamy brown sugar will warm that frozen inside right up.


100% Arabica Beans Coffee from Guatemala Huehuetenango; known for their premium rich velvety heavy bodied complex cupping notes. Medium Roast with Dark Chocolate, brown Sugar, Plum and low in acidity.

Tanners House Blend - Organic

Tanners House Blend Organic Coffee. This blend is perhaps our most unique blend. The first sip might make you think it's just another cup but take another and you will discover robust and satisfying flavors of milk chocolate, caramel and nuts.

Nevada Black Italian Roast - Organic

Nevada Black Italian Roast Organic Coffee. What Nevadan hasn't seen a night so dark, so calm, so pure? Like the greatness of the state we are pound to offer you one of our finest roasts. A Dark Italian Roast coffee with hints of Cocoa, Molasses and Toasted Walnut that is smooth to the last drop.

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