Nitro Cold Coffee

Experience Coffee Like Never Before

Nitro Cold Coffee is a form of cold brew coffee infused with Nitrogen and served straight from the tap, like a draft beer. Our Nitro Cold Coffee is naturally sweet, rich and creamy. Blind Dog's Nitro Cold Brew process intensifies the unique flavors of each roast offering a unique flavor experience.

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"The Best Coffee You Will Find!”

“This is the best coffee you will find anywhere. There is nothing added to these varieties (oils, spices) so the wonder flavor that come across are the result of expert bean selection and roasting. Compare it to similar varieties that cost sometimes twice as much in blind taste and you'll pick Blind Dog Coffee every time!.”

Marylou P., Santa Barbara, California
"Fantastic Coffee!”

“We ordered a bag of the Death Valley Roast off  their website.  it arrived within 5 days.   Fantastic coffee.  Can't wait to try the other blends.

Alexandria, VA
"Fresh and Delicious!”

“We love the coffee, fresh and delicious. Thank them for being local and keeping is caffeinated..”

Josh R., Gardnerville, NV
"...drinking it ever since”

“We tasted Blind Dog Coffee about 5 years ago on a visit to Reno.  We have been drinking it ever since that day.  Since we live in Northern California  we order our coffee and have it sent to our door.  Blind Dog coffee exceeds any of the major coffee companies.  Keep up the great work and quality of your coffee and business.

Patrick T., Sebastopol, CA
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