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Indonesia Sulawesi Toarco NEW

The Toraja people, an indigenous group from the central mountain region on the southern part of Sulawesi Island (formerly known as Celebes), Indonesia. This coffee grows at an altitude of 1,400-2,000 meters (4,593-6,561 feet). This bean is grown in a rich, friable soil containing a relatively equal mixture of sand and silt and clay, volcanic loam! Juicy ripe mango and pineapple with an awesome brown sugar tasting note make this coffee delicious!

Zephyr Medium Light

Zephyr Medium Light Coffee. This medium light roasted coffee with aroma and flavor notes of Walnut and delicate hints of Dark Cocoa, Tart Cherry and Cane Sugar. Nippy; bright with a citrus like acidity. Long buttery aftertaste.

Organic Delicious Espresso

We can't Espresso how much you mean to us! Looking to caffeinate your home? Look no further with this full body Espresso! This low acidity coffee is made with our highly prized beans with flavors of smooth chocolate and caramel. Excellent for espresso machines and for regular coffee brewers. Available in 5 lbs.

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